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Blending expert commodity trading with local logistics in diverse geographic areas, ensuring unparalleled value and tailored solutions for our clients. Specializing in fuel trading, commodities import, humanitarian supplies, and efficient transportation and storage, we are committed to meeting unique needs with precision and budget focused strategies

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Napco is much more than a commodity trading company.
Through the combination of commodity trade and local on ground logistics in the geographic areas where we work, we are able to offer our customers unparalleled value for the money.

The ability to supply and provide customers with the best value solution is a trademark of our company. Napco work closely with our customers to deliver on time and to budget what is required and what is expected by our customers, where ever we are working.

NAPCO is keen on putting in place the right approach and services for the requirement. No two requirements are the same, no two customers are the same and as such NAPCOs approach is to first listen to the customers needs, analyze the data and then recommend solutions. NAPCO is about putting in place solutions that fit customers needs and expectations.

NAPCO DMMC is truly customer focused and will work with clients to ensure all needs are fully satisfied in terms of delivery, capability and on budget.

Fuel Trading

NAPCO DMCC supplies gasoil, gasoline, LPG and other unleaded energy products.


We have specialized in the import of commodities as wheat and fertilisers.

Humanitarian supplies

We are sourcing, supplying and delivering goods and services to the international humanitarian sector.

Transportation and storage

We are operating a network of dry storage warehouses as well as fuel depots in Central Asia

Gas stations

We are operating a network of retail gas stations in Afghanistan.

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